UK-PBC is led by the UK-PBC Management Group with oversight from the UK-PBC Project Steering Committee.

Project Management Group

The Project Management Group is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project as a whole, the financial management of the project, reporting to the project funder and agreeing and prioritising specific work packages to be conducted within the Project.

The group will meet approximately every six months for the duration of the Project.

Project Steering Committee

The role of the Project Steering Committee is to provide overall supervision for the project on behalf of the project Funder and to ensure that the project is conducted appropriately

The main responsibilities of the Project Steering Committee are:

  • To provide advice, through its Chair, to the Investigators, the Project Sponsors and the Project Funder on all appropriate aspects of the project
  • To ensure appropriate ethical and other approvals are obtained in line with the project plan
  • To provide oversight of the UK-PBC Access Group and to have final decision on applications made to the Access Group
  • To provide advice to the investigators on all aspects of the project

The committee will meet approximately every six months for the duration of the project.

Follow these links for membership of the Project Management Group and the Project Steering Committee.