UPDATE: The BSG/UK-PBC Primary Biliary Cholangitis Treatment and Management Guidelines

Primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) is a chronic autoimmune liver disease. It continues to have a burden of morbidity and mortality that spans both the consequences of a sometimes progressive biliary injury, alongside a symptom profile notably encompassing pruritus, sicca complex, fatigue, abdominal discomfort and arthralgias/bone pain.  UK-PBC and the BSG have partnered to develop a comprehensive guideline document to provide detailed advice and recommendations on the best approaches to management of disease. A series of recommendations and audit standards are proposed, to ensure that patients are offered timely licenced therapy (ursodeoxycholic acid [UDCA], obeticholic acid [OCA]) in addition to actively managed for symptoms, as well as complications of progressive liver disease.

The guidelines have now been submitted, and we are awaiting publication. In the meantime, we have summarised the key recommendations below: