Our sincere thanks to all of our collaborators for helping to make the BSG/BASL UK-PBC audit such a successful project. 

As of 01/04/2022, 122 NHS Trusts uploaded audit data for nearly 9,000 patients across the UK. 

Ahead of the publication of the national audit report, we are now offering all hospitals the chance to review their local audit data with the UK-PBC audit team. Hospitals will receive feedback on:

  • Local audit performance 
  • Comparison of performance to the national average 
  • Comparison of performance to other hospitals in the region 
  • Areas for targeted improvement 

These feedback sessions will be conducted virtually over a 15-20 minute session. Hospitals will receive a copy of their audit data and visual infographics of their overall performance for each audit standard

If your hospital would like to arrange a feedback session, please contact the UK-PBC audit team on uk.pbcaudit@nhs.net to book your session today! 



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